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Early Morning Media provides dynamic news content in the form of readable, relevant, concise and synthesised summary articles drawn from the media universe. These are delivered via daily summary and/or media monitoring alerts to customer inboxes or directed elsewhere to enrich a customer’s social media offering.

The editorial team consists of professionals drawn from journalism and the media monitoring sector. They search, select, interpret and organise news articles and press releases from around the world and around the clock, across the web; sorting wheat from chaff, always aware that one customer’s wheat is another’s chaff.

Flagship products include 7-day week bulletins, delivered by 7am, into the accountancy, law and property sectors. In accountancy and law the summaries are taken by over 75% of the top 100 firms. Daily alerts are also produced in partnership with various market leaders who value the daily exposure of their brand into their sector and target markets. EMM currently has partnered offerings in the retail, local government, SME legal, leisure and commercial property sector, among others.

In addition, content is provided to organisations for inclusion on their web sites and Twitter feeds. In many cases EMM operates an entire Twitter account for customers – building followers as well as providing dynamic, fast-moving news content.

Finally, EMM continues to offer traditional media monitoring services particularly geared towards customers who value summary-based services.


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Press Releases Wanted

Please send to: info@earlymorningmedia.co.uk and mark for the attention of Richard Skeen. Please note, inclusion of press releases is left to the discretion of our editorial team.

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